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Memorial Day and what it means to me...

I sit here watching the television while blindly surfing the web. I am slammed from all sides with advertisements regarding all the fantastic sales and specials coming up this weekend.  50% off here, BOGO there.  Savings on cars, clothing, food, and the one that gets me the most; Mattresses!  Yes.. The big thing to rush out and buy on Memorial Day is a new Mattress.


When did Memorial Day become a day for slashing prices, or shopping for a new car?  What happened to the real reason behind the day; Honoring those that gave their lives for the Freedoms we enjoy today. Each year, I begin to realize that we are forgetting more and more about where our Freedoms have come from, and the Men and Women that gave their lives to defend and protect them.

I will raise a toast this weekend to all that gave the ultimate sacrifice, so that I can get 40% off a new King Mattress.  I will remember those that I never met, but feel a brotherhood toward.  I will say a silent prayer for the families and loved ones of those that have served, are serving and will serve in the future.

I hear "Happy Memorial Day!" said so many times, it makes me ill.  This is a time of remembrance, and honor.  

Please take time to thank a Veteran every chance you get, not just on Memorial Day.  Walk up to them, shake their hand, tell them Thank you.  Look them in the eye and let them know you appreciate what they were willing to give, or have given for the freedoms you get to enjoy.  

Thanks for reading...